“Fine” Art Podcast

Evan Blackwell

September 29, 2020

Abstract painter Evan Blackwell joined "Fine" Art Podcast in the virtual studio! She is an Atlanta, GA based artist that enjoys pushing back against the colonialized view of abstract art and engaging in the rich and diverse history going back to the dawn of human civilization. Evan's paintings also explore the way we retain memory in our bodies and minds. This episode is so fun! Evan talks about how she began in aqueous media and how a car crash changed the course of her work. She also talks about how the quarantine has changed her work and the ideas behind her current paintings. We also talk about some of her many influences. 


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Evan's paintings and prints are available on her website https://evanblackwellart.com 


Quilters of Gee's Bend https://www.soulsgrowndeep.org/gees-bend-quiltmakers


Evan's Instagram: @evanblackwell_art




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